Be Present, Be You

Wow! It’s been almost a year since I had the time to do some blogging! I’ve been so busy teaching that I got sidetracked. Please accept my apologies!

Anyway, we just wrapped up another excellent summer at CAP21 and this year, in addition to Vocal Technique class, I had the opportunity to teach Audition Technique to an amazing group of high school students. It was so much fun! I love helping young performers become more confident in the room. There was something that I kept coming back to though, and that was the idea of being present in the room.

This may seem cliche, but I can assure you that the students who took the time to center themselves outside the room fared way better than the students who did not. Every individual may have a slightly different centering or focus strategy, but what is important is that you find one that works for you. Taking the time to center or focus allows you to use your energy to your benefit. As nerves or excited energy begin to creep in, it’s important that we don’t allow that energy to take over our audition. We always want to be in control of our energy and focus.

Centering before walking in the room also helps you stay connected to your instincts. It allows you to move when the impulse hits you. It allows you to honestly connect to your other while you sing. It simply helps you
be more present in the room.

If you are looking for a centering strategy to try, I recommend Don Greene’s book “Performance Success.” It’s an excellent book for helping you achieve mental toughness in the difficult world of high pressure performing. He has a centering strategy that has proven very effective for myself and my students.