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Who is Amanda Flynn?

Amanda is a singer, actress, and former dancer here to help you find success. As a
vocal technician, Amanda will help you achieve your singing goals no matter how big or small they may be.

Originally from Texas, Amanda moved to NYC to pursue her performing career in musical theatre. Amanda was immediately cast in the first national tour of Susan Stroman and Trevor Nunn's
Oklahoma! as the understudy to Laurey. Amanda's career took her all over the country performing in regional theatre before landing her on the west coast for a few years. Amanda joined the Las Vegas Company of Mamma Mia as the Sophie understudy before heading to LA with the original company of the Los Angeles production of Wicked understudying Glinda. Back in NYC, Amanda has performed in numerous workshops, concerts, and readings, and is featured on the album I'm Ready: The Songs of Rob Rokicki, available on iTunes. To learn more about Amanda's current performing schedule, please visit her personal website.

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Amanda realized that she had a good ear for voices so she started researching deeper into voice teaching and training. Inspired by the work of her voice teacher Aaron Hagan and her Laryngologist
Dr. Lucian Sulica, Amanda decided to embark on learning as much as she could about the voice in order to help singers sing in healthy, efficient, yet marketable ways. She has since completed a Master of Music in Vocal Performance with a Musical Theatre Concentration as well as an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy, both from NYU. She also completed her Certificate of Vocology from the University of Utah and was honored with the Janet Pranschke Professional Development Scholarship presented by The New York Singing Teacher's Association where she completed the Distinguished Voice Professional Program. In addition, Amanda completed the Mount Sinai Vocology Mentorship at the Eugen Grabscheid Voice Center as well as observerships at the Sean Parker Institute for Voice and the NYU Voice Center. These invaluable opportunities helped her learn more about voice disorders, how they impact singers, and how to actively participate in the treatment, rehabilitation, and retraining of the voice.

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Amanda is currently on the musical theatre voice faculty at Pace Universtiy and CAP21 Conservatory in conjunction with Molloy College. She has previously taught at NYU's Steinhardt School, Art House Astoria, Front and Center for the Performing Arts, and The Studio New Canaan. In addition to teaching voice, Amanda has taught acting, musical theatre performance, and beginner piano. Amanda is also an active master class teacher leading classes in vocal technique, audition skills, and vocal performance. Amanda's students are currently performing on Broadway, Off-Broadway, national tours, and regional theatre, in addition to pursuing their recording careers. Amanda also works as a vocal coach and consultant for theatre companies and productions in the NYC area. Amanda has had research presented at both the Fall Voice Conference and the PAVA Symposium. She is an active researcher with her projects focusing on areas such as vocal fold injury, vocal pedagogy, vocal health education, and singing voice voice rehabilitation.

Amanda is a proud member of AEA, NATS, NYSTA, PAVA, VASTA, MTEA, and The Voice Foundation.